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This makes sure that every item in the array is visited. The line shown here acts as a hard coded breakpoint: Assertions that do not include a function call in the expression are removed by the compiler when an executable is made, so they only apply to debugging inside the VBA environment.For example: VBA provides a built-in assertion mechanism through Debug. Assertions with a function call in the expression will remain in the executable, but the resulting value of the expression is discarded.In those cases, the topic is marked with [VB6] after the topic heading.Some of the comments within a section may also be Visual Basic 6.0, specific.Instead, the code could be written one of two other ways. If the code is correctly written to handle 1 To 3, but zero and four are allowed values, the code should be written with a comment in the Case Else block to indicate that this is expected, like this: Assertions trap logic errors early.Either: In general, every Select/End Select block should have a Case Else to trap unexpected values. Rather than waiting to see the results of a bug in the use interface, there is immediate feedback that the bug has occurred.

Any time that there is an assumption in the code about the state of the program, there should be an assertion that states the assumption.The other reasonable alternatives to the conventions placed in at the end of a section.In some cases, a topic only relates to the Visual Basic 6.0 development environment, as opposed to VBA in general.A comment starts with the apostrophe followed immediately by the text with no space between the two.The comment at the end of a line should be used in only a few places: All other comments should be placed on a separate line above the line they are documenting and indented to the same level.

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